Hired to build a site which would contain new images, information and booking capabilities for the public to view the villa, see what is available, and be informed of the attractions surrounding the area were the property is.

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What I Can Offer You

  1. Web Design/development
  2. Graphics
  3. HTML
  4. CSS
  5. PHP
  6. CMS
  7. JQuery
  8. Quality of code
  9. SEO
  10. Google Friendly Development
  11. Reliability

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Worlds of David Darling

David Darling, an astronomer, science writer, and musician, contacted me to discuss certain issues he was having with his websites. Both websites, "The Worlds of David Darling" and "Songs of the Cosmos", were built and are maintained by himself.

I was contacted to come on board and help improve some aspects of the sites' performance - in particular, suggest ways of recovering traffic lost because of events outside David Darling's control. Originally hired as a consultant...